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Dangers of Poor Oral Health

May 12th, 2022


You ever wondered what would happen if you don’t take care of your oral health? Except if you are one of those lucky ones who are fortunate enough to enjoy a good oral health with minimal effort, you might get sick and unhappy. Please read on what Dr Ionescu of Dentistry by Design, a dentist in Elk Grove CA has to say:

Genetics and lifestyle play an important role in oral health as it plays in overall health as well. My grandfather had all his teeth in his mid-eighties and I am not sure he visited the dentist many times. But at the time he was enjoying a fresh, healthy, chemical free and mostly sugar free diet, an active life in a clean environment and a content life, consequently he had great immunity. Not the case anymore for numerous people. Sugar is hidden in almost every food you can imagine and some you never thought about. Sugar is not good for your teeth and for your body, as you already know. There are a few actions one can take to protect himself from getting ill so his or her immunity will not be a challenge. Proper hygiene, will prevent the pathogens (that are all over the place) to attack our body, multiply and infect us. Thus, it is so important to stay clean. Washing your hands often, (mandatory before meals and after using the bathroom), disinfecting your mouth with a 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution every evening, is the minimum one can do. Also, improve your eating habits, eat enough vitamins and nutrients (you can find them in whole foods like fruits and vegetables), avoid sugar in all its forms (read food labels), manage stress, get enough sleep, quit smoking, drink in moderation, live an active life.

Now, taking all these in consideration, I have to say that oral health plays a major role in your overall health. Think about it, your mouth is an entry portal. Viruses and bacteria go in your mouth via different channels (eating with dirty hands, consuming an infected food item). Infections can start in your mouth and spread to your whole body. Unhealthy gums (we call it periodontal disease) are a bucket full of bad bugs ready to spill. No wonder you get some nasty health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory infections and more that seems to not heal well in spite of taking a lot of medication. The reason is you did not eliminate your source of infection first, that is in your mouth. You have to eradicate the flow of germs primarily than focus on restoring the problems they created throughout the body. And that is not all! Until I forget, it is mandatory to replace your toothbrush every 3 to 6 months on a regular basis and if you get sick with any respiratory disease immediately after you feel better. You don’t want the nasty bugs to re-enter your system via that contaminated toothbrush. There are other issues an unhealthy mouth creates. Think about the loss of sleep due to tooth ache, missing school or work and increased costs related to dental care due to aggravating problems that might occur if you wait too long to fix them (instead of a small or moderate therapy you might need a root canal and a crown; instead of a deep professional cleaning you might need gum surgery). Long story short, your poor oral health can wreak havoc to your whole-body health. Visit your dentist regularly, make preventive visits, to see your dentist and your hygienist, a priority, it’s safer and cheaper than visiting your dental office only on a need basis. Make sure your mouth is free of disease, (gums and teeth); eat healthy, be active and be thankful for what you have. You might end up as my grandfather, with all teeth, and a happy camper in his mid-eighties.

Yours in good Dental Health,

Dr. Horia Ionescu