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The importance of radiology in dentistry

July 13th, 2022

Why does Dr. Ionescu recommend x-rays?

X-rays help us see what we can not physically see through a clinical examination. People naturally don’t have x-ray vision and can’t see through bones, muscles, ligaments or teeth tissue. With the aid of x-rays, also known as dental radiographs, we are able to diagnose any issues beginning to develop in between the teeth, the start of infections, or even problems in the bone, ligament or surrounding supporting tissue and structures.  Radiographs are a necessity in making an accurate diagnosis and recommendation on needed treatment. Without x-rays, we can only guess what is happening between the teeth or under the gum – and guessing is not ethical and is well below the standard of healthcare in our office.


Should dental x-rays be a concern?

No. We have modern digital radiology in our Elk Grove dental office and with the use of lead aprons and regular testing of our machines we can confidently say that the dose of radiation received is minimal and much less than the radiation you are exposed to by flying on a plane. No patient or employee of ours is exposed to high levels of radiation; we assure that exposure is well below the safe dose, and as low as reasonably achievable. Actually, the radiation we all are exposed on a regular basis during our existence is significantly more concerning than the digital x-rays received every six to twelve months in our dental office.

 Is the x-ray mandatory?

No, here at Dentistry by Design, we will never force our patients into doing something that they are not comfortable with.  However, our recommendation in most cases will include x-rays in order to provide the best possible treatment. Without x-rays, we could potentially miss diseased bone, infections, or even cavities. Our Dental professionals’ goal is to properly diagnose and treatment plan your dental needs at all times and avoid misdiagnosing that might occur without the information provided by dental radiography. Dr. Ionescu is a very conservative dentist, and if a patient is at very low risk for all potential issues caught by radiography, he may recommend an extended x-ray interval to avoid unnecessary radiation.

Therefore, modern dentistry can’t exist without radiography.

Yours in good health,

DBD Team