Rescuing a Smile: Dr. Ionescu's Touch of Compassion

We'd like to share a story about Dr. Ionescu that goes beyond his professional abilities. A young teenage patient had broken one of his front teeth in half. Understandably, he didn't want to face school with a missing tooth, becoming the subject of his peers' amusement. To explore his options, he visited Dr. Ionescu with his older brother and mother. The older brother, a wise young man, asked numerous questions and carefully considered all the available choices.

Dr. Ionescu performed an in-office chair-side crown procedure, which is primarily used for cosmetic purposes to repair chipped front teeth, close gaps, or enhance the aesthetics of one's smile. After matching the composite to the patient's natural teeth, the dentist prepared the tooth, and applied adhesive material, and composite resin to shape it into the desired form of a tooth. This approach, although more challenging and time-consuming, was chosen over a pricier and quicker crown because it best served the patient's needs.

The young man's tooth had suffered trauma and required a conservative approach due to a previous root canal. The older brother observed the entire procedure and was delighted with the results. The next morning, the entire family gathered outside Dentistry by Design to express their gratitude to Dr. Ionescu. This story showcases not only Dr. Ionescu's technical expertise but also his honesty, passion for his work, patience, kindness, and thoughtfulness in putting his patients' interests first. We are immensely proud of him and wanted to share this with everyone.